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311 High

The 311 High
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WELCOME! We are the 311 HIGH

For the old school and new school fans. If you were Down for a long time now, and didn't get All mixed up in the anger of this world. If you kind of just feel like saying Fuck the bull shit before i Freak out, join us. We are all for the Unity and to have a good Use of Time on this planet. Theres no rush, Life's not a race, and in the end, we'll never be able to Freeze Time. So just enjoy your stay, never feel Uncalm. Never hold any strife. All i have to say is "STAY POSITIVE AND LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!"

Some Rules To Follow

Put all pictures behind LJ cuts.

Please no promoting other communites without permission. It's not cool.

No bashing or down talking anyone fan in this community. No matter what. If you dont like what they have to say, well keep it to yourself, or take it to their personal journal. Its like fighting, the school only fucking cares if its on school grounds, anywhere else is just fine.

Community History

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311 is love.

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